Fourth of July on the Shore

9729058_SJuly seems to encapsulate the essence of summer with warm weather, picnics, and of course, Independence Day.

Especially during a political year, the Fourth is a great time to reflect on how America came to be. New Jersey, as one of the original 13 colonies,  played its role in the fight for independence. Take in some of this history with your family by visiting some of New Jersey’s famous Revolutionary War sights and monuments. Educational journeys are a great way for a family to bond and learn together; experiencing the past is more fun than you think!

For more modern celebrations, again New Jersey has no shortage of places to visit for America’s most explosive celebration. Parades, picnics, fireworks, and flags — the Shore will be full of patriotic activities for every generation this Independence Day.

While you point at the sky to oooh and ahhh in the evening as bursts of color fill the air, remember, you can capture  the same sense of camaraderie in daylight with our aerial advertising. There’s something magical about an entire crowd of people all looking at the same display in the sky. Now’s the perfect time to tap into that excitement, whether you’d like to promote your business, commemorate a veteran, or send an optimistic message to your fellow American citizens.

Don your red, white and blue and see you at the beach!