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Aerial Ads vs Billboards

The right approach to marketing or advertising can make or break your business. Often times companies settle for traditional media, because that’s the way it’s always been done. Yet aerial advertising is a nontraditional approach that can create a lasting impression on consumers. Paramount Air specializes in taking your company’s message to new heights—literally.

Billboards are a popular and well-established form of advertising. Customers who want a more cutting edge approach have turned to Paramount Air’s aerial advertising for their advertising needs. You might be wondering about the differences between aerial ads vs. billboards.

First, let’s start with the similarities. Like a conventional billboard, any product or product category can be promoted by an airplane banner ad. That includes entertainment, restaurants, public relations, clothing , etc. Customers use both forms of advertising for one or several reasons: to attract new customers, to reach current customers, or to get a specific message across.

Although similar in this regard, Paramount Air’s aerial advertising still has advantages over billboard ads. One main point of difference is the cost effective nature. Aerial ads can fit well into any budget. Paramount Air’s aerial ads are popular for corporate and public events, as well as added exposure for relatively no money. In contrast to a conventional billboard, which can really break up the bank, an aerial ad is a cost more easily justified.

For one, a billboard is stationary and therefore that limits the amount of eyeballs that might see it. In contrast, with Paramount Air’s aerial ads you can pick your audience. Banners can be flown over an event, like a baseball game, or over a beachfront—anywhere people are! That means you have the potential to reach a captive audience of more than 3 million! Many companies have turned to Paramount Air’s aerial ads for the exposure it offers in a very small timeframe, making it an affordable marketing option with proven results.

Another advantage to aerials ads is the innovative nature. There is no ad clutter or competition, like with traditional billboard advertising. Like mentioned above, your message is in motion and automatically draws viewers’ eyes. Put simply, your ad is no longer part of the landscape! Aerial media makes you more prominent in a world of stagnant advertising.

In short, the advertising messages with your company logo, custom created by Paramount Air for your business, is an effective, and budget friendly approach to advertising. No other marketing channel offers similar product awareness in such an inexpensive option and short timeframe. Just like they say in business — location is everything! Look to the air, and Paramount Air, for the location of your next advertising campaign!