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Aerial Ads vs. Skywriting

The right approach to advertising is critical in today’s challenging business climate. Often times, companies want to be perceived as different by implementing nontraditional tactics. But not all strategies are created equally.

You might be wondering about the differences between airplane banner ads vs. skywriting. That is a common question we face at Paramount Air. First, let’s start with the similarities. Like skywriting, any product or product category can be promoted, with airplane banner advertising. That includes entertainment, restaurants, clothing, services, etc. Customers use both forms of advertising for one or several reasons: to attract new customers, to reach current customers, or to get a specific message across.

The main difference between these two types of aerial marketing is the cost. There are only a handful of skywriting aircraft or skywriters currently in the United States at this time. Skywriting is done by one plane that can generally write up to six characters, with a skilled pilot at times maneuvering upside down as they decide when smoke is needed for the letters. Five to seven planes are needed for longer messages (up to thirty characters), so that the entire message is visible at once.

With limited availability, and a demand for talent, that means companies can charge a premium for their services. Skywriting costs tend to be expensive, which can be hard to fit into a small business’ budget. Paramount Air’s airplane banner ads allow for businesses of all sizes and budgets to benefit from airplane banner advertising.

Another point of difference is the range of options for customizing your ad campaign. With airplane banner advertising, you can feature your company logo, custom created by Paramount Air. Colors and fonts are also virtually unlimited. In contrast, skywriting is confined to one color (white) and no choice of fonts, backgrounds, etc. Also, airplane banner advertising allows for a longer impression. A long message in skywriting might mean the first letters have drifted away by the time the message is completed. That means part of the message could be lost. Put simply, airplane banner advertising vs. skywriting, allows the customer to have more control of the ad campaign.

In short, Paramount Air’s airplane banner advertising provides a high impact at a very low cost. Your message has the potential to reach hundreds of thousands of potential customers in just a few hours! Look to Paramount Air to take your next advertising campaign to new heights!