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Aerial banners are a highly-visible advertising tool which allows large numbers of people and potential customers to view an ad at one time, saving both time and resources, while still capturing the attention of thousands or even millions.


Professionally produced banners are secured to the back of a small aerial plane which tows it across a pre-determined and calculated area.  This ensures that a defined geographical location is covered or a specific demographic of people are reached.

A skilled and trained aerial company steps a client through the entire process, starting with the consultation of the advertisement and the area to be targeted, to the design and production of the banner, and finally to actually flying the advertisement over a contracted area.

Banner Design

A professional banner can be designed to the exact specifications and dimensions of the client.  The banner is made of lightweight materials, such as rip-stop nylon, which is easily towed behind the plane and is extremely durable so that it can be used again and again.

The banner may contain the company’s logo or symbol in all the original company colors, as well as the name of the company and contact information, such as a company phone or website address.  It is best to keep the design simple for viewers to retain the information easily.

Also possible is a secondary banner, pulled behind the original banner, containing a message, company mission statement or catch-phrase associated with the company.

Each banner is produced in a dynamic size with vastly legible letters, colors and font sizes for high visibility to be easily viewed from below and from far distances.

Banner Impact

It is common knowledge that it takes an average consumer three or more times of viewing an ad in order to remember a company’s product or service.

And with only a small number of passes over the area and within in a short time frame, thousands or even millions of people will see the advertisement several times, causing a greater advertising impact over other more common forms of advertising.

With aerial banners, the impact is instant as it is draws direct focus and immediate attention.  Banners are usually strategically planned for areas where other advertising venues are not as common, such as on beachfronts, cruises, events or even densely packed freeways, allowing aerial advertising planes to have a large captive audience.

To see how aerial advertising can benefit your company, call on the highly trained professionals at Paramount Air for a specialized consultation.