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Aerial Ads

Aerial advertising, also commonly called airplane advertising, airplane banner advertising or air ads, is a unique and innovative form of advertising. It is extremely cost effective and touts excellent results.

Why use Aerial Advertising

If you have ever seen a child’s eyes light up at seeing something new, you know the sight when an adult or sibling points to the sky, showing the younger the plane overhead carrying a banner.  Immediately the younger asks what the plane is doing as it tows a banner.  Then the older reads the banner out loud or explains its purpose in advertising.

Out of all the forms of advertising, a company could not hope for a better advertising scenario than the above occurrence as first, there is interest and excitement that draws attention to the company logo on the banner being flown above.  Then the ad is immediately read silently by the older, followed by questions of the younger asking for information on what the banner is advertising.

The older person, who is often responsible for making purchasing decisions, relays the logo or company information to the younger. And usually where others are waiting, sunning or standing in the same area, they, too, will verbally hear the logo being read out loud.  It is a scenario that is very typical in aerial advertising and one that uses several senses that advertising tries to reach.

The more senses that are used, the higher the retention rate and higher the rate of future recall.  In this case, the ad is visually seen, verbally spoken and heard with auditory senses.  Even if a person simply overhears it being read out loud, or even hears the motor of the plane and reads the ad, there are two senses which are used for a higher recall rate later on.

Benefits of using aerial advertising

There are several reasons why companies or causes would want to use aerial advertising:

  • Strategic marketing– High impact advertising on a precisely targeted and predefined area.  It is an advertising venue that has a high rate of recall and high retention rate by those who view the banner with a company’s logo or catch-phrase.
  • Original and unusual – a different, fresh and innovative way to advertise, leaving a large impression.
  • Cost benefit – Compared with other forms of advertising, it is a low-cost venue with a high volume of viewers who see it within a short amount of time, making it an excellent use of advertising dollars.
  • Welcomed & non-intrusive – This form of advertising is non-interfering into personal lives and a welcome distraction at events and public gatherings, such as entertainment events, concerts, sporting events, state fairs, tailgating parties, cruise lines, beachfronts and water parks.

A professional aerial advertising company will do everything from consultation to production of the banner to the details of flying the banner over the pre-determined area of customers. Consult the professionals at Paramount Air to ensure every detail of your aerial advertising campaign is precisely targeted.