Aerial advertising: A marketing marvel!

Aerial advertising: A marketing marvel!

Dirigible flying and banner for text over mountain and blue sky,vecter illustrationMarketing trends change faster than the weather in a coastal clime. Even so, there’s one evergreen strategy that will reliably boost your business in a BIG way: aerial advertising.

Just take a look at what our satisfied customers have to say about this unique advertising venue!

An aerial advertising campaign unfolds freely in a rarified atmosphere – one in which a merchant isn’t forced to claw out space in a crowded field just to deploy one tiny ad. Aren’t you tired of having to cram your shout-out in between a hoard of other competitors?

Compare that less-than-optimal situation to the visual impact of a flying banner visible to a throng of tourists in your seaside community.

Here are three compelling reasons for boosting your business year-round with an aerial advertising campaign:

1) Aerial banners stand out in a big way. An aerial banner towed via a highly maneuverable aircraft rises above those earth-bound marketers. It’s a unique marketing vehicle that turns heads and brings in new customers.

2) An aerial advertising campaign has a powerful ROI. It beats out other merchandising methods including television as well as traditional signage. Here’s why: When the human brain processes imagery, preference is given to novel sights and sounds as well as fluctuating changes in the immediate environment. That’s a perfect description of aerial advertising!

3) Aerial advertising is never annoying. In fact, seeing an aerial banner is a fun experience for residents and tourists alike. It’s irresistibly compelling. At the same time, an aerial ad campaign is rarely considered intrusive.

Lift your business to new heights with aerial ads.