Book that scenic flight today – your loved one is worth it!

Book that scenic flight today – your loved one is worth it!

of hydroplane flying in blue sky, rain downOops! Mr. Hubby, you missed a great opportunity to book that scenic flight  and mark a special occasion with the amazing woman you married years ago. But there’s still time to make amends. So don’t delay: Isn’t it time already to plan that special getaway?

If you’re worried about the spend, stop that thinking right now! This is your sweetheart. This person has stood by you and showered you with affection for years. So surprise her with a scenic flight over the Jersey Shore. It’s a great way to shake those winter “blahs” and get into the swing of things come spring. Let the dollars fly for that special woman who’s been beside you for so many important milestones. It’s only a small sum of money when you consider the bigger picture.

Also consider the priceless experience you two will share, rising above day-to-day cares to relish that special ride of a lifetime.

Here are three ways to make your scenic flight even more memorable. First make sure you take plenty of photos. Research the best camera settings before takeoff. Your pilot will have a few tips to share on capturing imagery that you can enjoy viewing later when you snuggle up with your spouse at home.

Next on the list: Take your footage to a video production studio and ask them to craft it into a special video you can pass down to your children. Life is so rushed that many couples often don’t have the time to create those memories. You’ll want to remember these great times later, and maybe even share them with future grandchildren.

Plan to visit to your spouse’s favorite restaurant once you touch down. A scenic flight really raises endorphin levels and you’ll feel like you’re walking on air once the flight is over. What better way to make the most of that natural high than to head to your favorite diner? And if you’re still up for excitement, enjoy some of the many attractions on the Jersey Shore! Lastly, here’s a few tips for adding even more happiness to your life.