Enjoy the Jersey Shore during the off season


Did you know? The Jersey Shore is a great vacation destination during the winter months. There’s so much to enjoy about the beach during the off season! Here’s to the 12 days of a wintry beach vacation:

Day 1: Meditative calm that soothes the soul.

Day 2: The enchantment of foamy surf thrown against a chilly shore.

Day 3: A distant vista on which to meditate.

Day 4: The taste of salt on your lips.

Day 5: The rhythmic “music” of the sea.

Day 6: Seashell treasures, each one a one-of-a-kind collector’s item.

Day 7: Being alone with your thoughts.

Day 8: The piercing cries of sea birds.

Day 9: The achingly beautiful sand scape.

Day 10: The pastel colors reflected in the skies.

Day 11: The solitude of being one with the beach.

Day 12: The memories of the Jersey Shore in the quiet season.