Get kids school-ready at the beach

14346886 - mother with little daughter on the beachThe end of summer is nearer every day, which means plenty of kids have the prospect of back-to-school looming. Before they trade in their beach towels for backpacks, you can help them with a quick refresher course in a classroom on the sand.

Spelling: A stick and the sand are the perfect outdoor pen-and-paper. Have your child practice writing his or her name. Try writing words. Turn it into a race. Can little Joe  or Jill spell “popsicle” before the waves wash away the words?

Science: The seaside is perfect for scientific discovery. Encourage your kids to collect seashells or to find coins. Take pictures of birds coasting on the sea breeze. Afterwards, use the Internet or books to identify these objects. What creatures once lived in the shells? What countries are the coins from? Where does that species of bird go during winter?

Math: Find creative ways to make counting fun. How many people have red umbrellas? Are there more big dogs or small dogs running along the shore?

History: The Jersey Shore has plenty of museums if you need a break from the sun. Be as engaged with interactive exhibits as your kids are!

Don’t forget the soft lessons that the beach provides. Your child can learn valuable lessons about teamwork by building a sandcastle with other children, or the importance of sharing at snack time.

School doesn’t have to be a harsh transition if you make the refresher course fun. Who knows — maybe you’ll learn something too.