How to make your advertising message pop

How to make your advertising message pop

Illustration of a stripe airship with a white bannerWe live in a cluttered world and visual distractions abound. The average commercial district has sprouted a ridiculous amount of signage. These shout-outs are crammed together so closely that it’s something akin to a miracle any one individual would actually take note of a particular sign.

Unless they are specifically looking for it, the message will likely be missed. And that’s the dirty little secret in marketing. The more signs on a street, the less value that sign actually has for drawing in customers.

The fact is that signs are everywhere. And they tend to hang together in an indecipherable jumble of shout-outs. It’s a veritable visual cacophony in most commercial districts in the U.S. No matter the language, the challenge remains: How to send your message above the crowd.

That’s why merchants should consider a change in venue. When signage clutter vastly reduces the impact of your sign, you need to take your message skyward to a place where most of the competition simply drops away. Move your advertising campaign to the one remaining space where competitors are few and each advertising message will most certainly be noticed: The sky.

Aerial banners send a message to hundreds, even thousands of people at the same time. And because they are so visible to so many onlookers, they are very affordable. So remember that the next time a promotional opportunity arises, aim to set your message aloft, and send your advertising skyward!