Jersey Shore merchants well positioned for a profitable season

Plastic Model Ice Cream On Vintage Ice Cream Truck

Plastic Model Ice Cream On Vintage Ice Cream Truck

The Jersey Shore is a major holiday destination for U.S. travelers. There’s nothing quite like this incredible collection of beach-town attractions.

The 2015 summer season marks a significant milestone in the recovery of the devastating blow from Hurricane Sandy in 2012. With that New Jersey spirit, three years ago people rallied as one united force to restore the jewel of the New Jersey Coastline.

With new attractions and a pent up demand for family-oriented, amusement park activities, it’s an opportune time for local merchants to launch an aerial advertising campaign.

Memorial Day weekend was just the beginning of what promises to be an vigorous upturn in the local economy. And gorgeous summer weather offers the perfect time to pitch your beachfront attractions to a captive audience of thousands of tourists having fun in the sun.

Your aerial banner will fly above the crush of tourists in that rarified atmosphere where your unique message will be displayed for thousands to see. When beach lovers spot that aerial banner up in the sky, clear a path for the foot traffic! We’ll help you craft a spot-on message. Take your marketing to new heights with Paramount Air Service.