Make memories at the Jersey Shore

Make memories at the Jersey Shore

A wide angle view of the beach in Sea Bright New Jersey in the late afternoon

If there’s one activity that everyone in the family can enjoy, it’s beach combing. During colder weather, walking a mostly deserted beach can even be a spiritual experience.

Walking along a beach offers an opportunity to enjoy a sense of peace and solitude away from the hustle and bustle. Just think of how exhilarating you feel when a salty ocean breeze hits your skin and the sounds of gulls echo in a mostly deserted landscape.

As spring weather approaches, a sense of excitement begins to build for many of us. Old Man Winter retreats, and dreams of summertime surf and giggling children come to mind. Picture creating those precious memories of a child’s play along the Jersey Shore. As the days grow longer, there’ll be even more time to enjoy at the shoreline – just imagine visions of sandcastles and sun-fueled dancing lights that play off the water.

No matter how many changes occur in the seasons of life — from natural storms, or children growing out of those incredibly cute years when they were dressed in sassy toddler fashions — the Jersey Shore beckons one to return to those comforting memories.

Pull out the photo albums and remember just how many wonderful days you had walking on the beach, visiting the arcades and frolicking in the foamy surf. There’s the photo of the day when the whole family laughed so hard their sides ached. And remember that sunny morning when the surf splashed and it seemed as if the magic would never end?

Guess what? It won’t ever end and it’s time to return for another season. The Jersey Shore is waiting ….