Make that special occasion unforgettable

Make that special occasion unforgettable

Beautiful young bride and groom in the park ready for their wedding ceremonyMomentous occasions are a perfect excuse to pull off that stunning surprise you’ve always wanted to give your loved one. Whether it’s that special young lady celebrating her Sweet 16 birthday, or a marriage proposal written in clouds of smoke from a small aircraft, an aerial message is priceless.

Long after the candies are gone and the flowers have wilted, that special occasion will be remembered fondly by the special person in your life. Here’s a few other occasions perfect for writing your message across the sky.

A grand opening for your business presents the perfect occasion to buy aerial advertising. In most cities around the U.S. grand openings happen every day, when a Chamber of Commerce member or local dignitary cuts the big ribbon. If it’s a truly memorable occasion, think about the attention you’ll garner in the local press with a wing-tipping fly-by salute during the ribbon cutting ceremony.

Instead of the obligatory cigars for a new Dad, why not deliver a wing-tipping congrats to your newly minted graduate? Invite all his friends to watch from a convenient lookout point. He’ll be the most talked about up-and-comer in the town!

A high-impact advertising campaign is another great way to rise above your competition. The exposure that comes from an aerial ad campaign will keep the locals talking about your business for months.

What other kind of advertising can boast that powerful of a marketing impact? Put a zing into any occasion with an aerial show put on for that special person in your life!