New year, new marketing strategy

Plane with blank sky bannerSmall businesses have a difficult time competing in a world where billboards cost a fortune and regional television ad campaigns fetch a kingly price.

Yet there are still bargains to be had, particularly in places where tourism flourishes and unique marketing strategies can raise a shop’s profile.

The Jersey Shore is one locale that offers a superb way to hawk your goods.

The problem with advertising in general is that it’s one crowded field. Traditional advertising methods have changed over time and will continue to change. Even so, one advertising method has endured over many decades, charming onlookers and adding a special touch that proves irresistible to viewers. Aerial banners exert an almost magical effect on onlookers as they draw patrons to your Jersey Shore business.

With spring just a few weeks away, now’s the time to plan your aerial advertising campaign. Here are three ways merchants can boost their retail-store visibility:

Keep the message short and snappy. The nature of aerial advertising limits the merchant to one, short sentence on an aerial banner. It’s challenging to choose the right wording when you’re limited to so few characters. We can help you pen the best aerial message for your particular promotion.

Pen a whimsical message. Make it fun, sassy and humorous. You won’t have any worries about the visibility of your message as the sky offers a pristine canvas for your custom shout-out. Onlookers find aerial banners irresistible.

Tap an expert. Paramount Air is a multi-generational family business that supports local merchants at the Jersey Shore. Money invested in local promotions benefits the entire community, boosting the fortunes of other business owners who get a little lift from seeing a novel sight.

Start planning your aerial campaign now — summer weather is just a few weeks away!