Outdoor festival season is here

Outdoor festival season is here

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The season for outdoor festivals is approaching. It’s time to think about how to maximize a great opportunity to draw attention to your business. Summer weather ushers in more pedestrian traffic and during these special events, you’ve got thousands of prospects milling about.

How do you maximize that captive audience? Well, you have to take a bird’s eye view. That’s where an aerial advertising strategy comes into play. Get those crowds looking upward!

Picture an eye-catching banner trailing a cool prop-plane set against a gorgeously blue summer sky!

What better way to catch the eyes of potential prospects that are in a celebratory mood? And that’s also the occasion when those wallets open more freely! Here are a few ideas for making your aerial advertising campaign more effective.

1) Target your banner’s message to the occasion at hand. If it’s the 4th of July, add a little sparkle to the red-white-and-blue theme. People love a touch of patriotism, particularly those folks from the Jersey Shore! Even tourists will appreciate a nod to the brave souls who founded our nation. And you may not know this little factoid:  Patriotic messages up the tips patrons leave at the table.

2) Use those words strategically to push a timely promotion. What’s more American than apple pie topped with ice cream? On a hot summer day, people get the munchies. Use aerial advertising to draw customers to your summertime snack shack.

3) Craft a humorous slogan. What’s more eye-catching than a airborne pun? Keep it short, light and pithy and in tune with the occasion. For example, for the Fourth of July inspire onlookers with a patriotic message.

Above all, have some fun with your aerial advertising campaign. It’s a great opportunity to connect in a new way with a ton of customers willing to crane their necks to see your ad. Wow. Now that’s pretty powerful marketing!