Planning a Jersey Shore wedding?

24490427_SAre you planning a Jersey Shore wedding? The Shore is a gorgeous setting for making those special memories that will last a lifetime. Here are a few wedding planning tips, including some from The Jersey Shore Wedding Association:

  1. Whither the weather. It’s impossible to know ahead of time, so be sure to have a fall-back plan should Mother Nature fail to cooperate. In short, you’ll need a second venue as a backup. Choose a location close by that has a facility large enough to accommodate all your guests.
  2. Check in with City Hall. The Jersey Shore is a region with many communities. Each one has its own set of municipal regulations.
  3. Don’t expect privacy when you’re outdoors at the Shore. Beach goers will be curious at the matrimonial goings on. Some couples don’t mind the public exposure. Other couples have two ceremonies. One is a small, private affair for family and close friends. Then they have another public ceremony where all guests are invited to participate.
  4. Be flexible. Between all the variables — the sand, tides, wind, on-lookers — a lot can go wrong on your wedding day. Determine what is important and don’t worry about the small stuff.
  5. Stay on budget. The larger the wedding party, the more costly the venue. Make sure you understand all of the costs involved in each possible location.