Sand and surf: The cure for what ails you!

Sand and surf: The cure for what ails you!

Here's a shot of some people enjoying a nice day at the beachDid you know sand and surf are the cure for just about anything that ails you? If you don’t believe it, pull up this video, close your eyes and listen to the rhythmic sounds of waves continually crashing on the Jersey Shore.

The auditory experience is only one facet of the delights that await the visitor. There’s also a gorgeous shoreline situated within a short distance of a much different venue: Atlantic City. The excitement of wagering a turn at the gaming tables makes a visitor tingle with excitement. You literally feel it all the way down to your toes. It’s the rush of excitement, where laughter is shared and friendships are forged. And don’t forget the delights of the dance floor, with its sparkling lights.

Make sure you sample the city’s gastronomic offerings that beckon the visitor to explore all those enticing nightclubs and eateries. The city’s chefs will most certainly inspire you to throw caloric caution to the wind! Indulge yourself, as you sample those luscious desserts and full-course dinners at the city’s fine-dining establishments.

Later, those memories will wash over you in delightful waves. You’ll recall the exquisite taste of a dark and foamy craft beer shared with those high-school friends that you wisely kept in touch with through the years.

Yes, it’s true the passage of time has left a mark on those favorite haunts you fondly remember. But people rebuild and new memories meet old ones around a table where laughter and lighthearted camaraderie are shared with longtime friends. It’s time to make new memories in 2014. Come back to the Jersey Shore!