The importance of little perks

The importance of little perks

Most of us dream big and why not? Reaching for the stars is a worthy goal, especially when a pursuit of quality describes your business philosophy. One way to inspire your employees to reach for the next rung is to hand out those lift-me-ups to your stellar employees who gave you a needed boost when your own enthusiasm was flagging.

Did you know the first known use of the Greek word, kydos dates back to the early 1800s? As it turns out a simple pat on the back is key to kickstarting the engine of commerce.

If you’re looking for a “wow” way to give your clients a super fun experience, why not reward them by giving them a superior “send up?” An aerial flight in a Piper Cub is a thrilling experience

Over time, most of us learn the importance of acknowledging the contributions of those around us. And when we do, people who may be just punching a time clock get inspired to reach for excellence.

Leadership can bring teamwork to reach to the goal

Of course, business owners should avoid the ‘Kindergarten awards’ strategy. Many of us remember receiving the gold star on our schoolwork, but when you hand out too many gold stars, other people in the organization get the wrong message.

It’s not about handing out kudos to everyone as a standard business practice. Instead, it’s thoughtfully taking the time to choose an appropriate means of acknowledging those stellar performers in front of their peers. Cultivate a culture of the pursuit of excellence.

And, when someone truly stands above the rest, then it’s time to give that shout out! Spur your team with strategic, well-deserved kudos.