The science of looking up: Why aerial advertising is so effective

40250649_M-300x199A great deal of research has been conducted to figure out how and why people make purchasing decisions. How do we decide what it is we’re going to buy? And when we’re going to buy it? As it turns out, the answer may lie on the horizon.

Studies show that when we look up, we’re more likely to be open-minded about making purchases, compared to when we see advertisements at eye level. Our perception is literally changed by the tilt of our head! The physical act of looking up can even change our mood and perspective. Studies indicate that standing up tall and lifting the chin can be enough to transform a bad mood into a more optimistic attitude. (And one that’s more open to spending money!)

Aerial advertising is a cost-effective way to reach large, targeted audiences. Whatever the season, it can work its magic. Paramount Air Service is the nation’s oldest and largest aerial advertising firm. Let us help your business soar to new heights with an awe-inspiring aerial campaign!