Tips for marketing to Generation Z

Tips for marketing to Generation Z

Born between approximately 1995 – 2012, Generation Z is coming of age. So if you haven’t incorporated engaging, personalized, exclusive and sharable advertising techniques into your business marketing strategy, then you’ve got some homework to do. And study hard, because Generation Z is a tough crowd to please. When it comes to marketing to this generation — if it’s not sharable, it’s terrible.

Teenagers being carried away with the staff displayed on the screenUse exclusivity to your advantage. Gen Z-ers have no brand loyalty whatsoever, but choose instead to judge a product by its individual merits rather than its marketing campaign. That said, if they like a product they make sure the world knows it. While they do shun traditional forms of marketing, impress them with exclusivity and they will do your marketing for you.

Don’t disrespect or underestimate them. They may be young, but Generation Z is far more knowledgeable than you might think. Many are more than willing to open up a dialogue with companies and share their opinions about products. And just because they grew up in the age of computers, game consoles and smartphones, does not mean that they spend money frivolously. If anything, their personal experience with unemployed parents and a tough economy has made them more aware of troubling times.

Make it viral (if you can). Turning outdoor signage, banners, vehicle wraps and large art into guerrilla marketing campaigns has proved very successful with Generation Z. While they do enjoy seeing something truly creative, what they love even more is the ability to share an experience with their friends. Providing participation opportunities at physical locations gives them the engagement that they crave.