Visit the Jersey Shore and witness a miracle!

Visit the Jersey Shore and witness a miracle!

Illustration depicting a roadsign with a miracle concept Sky backgroundMiracles really do happen! The Jersey Shore has made an amazing recovery, according to an ABC News report. In fact the shoreline is in better shape than it’s been in many years.

Following a devastating storm on Oct. 29th, 2012, tears flowed as residents and tourists mourned the destruction of iconic landmarks and gorgeous beaches.

At it turns out, a massive effort to replenish beaches scoured by the punishing storm made the difference, much to the delight of tourists eager to revisit the much beloved shoreline.

Engineers credit the restorative efforts undertaken by the U.S. Army Corps of Engineers for a recovery that seems like a miracle, especially when compared to the horrific news images of 2012, following the storm.

Another major factor in the robust condition of the beaches is the ongoing replenishment project that pumps sand from offshore sites onto the beaches. The U.S. Army Corps of Engineers are busy at work restoring the beaches back to their pre-Hurricane Sandy condition.

According to the ABC News report, there is now 150 to 200 feet of sand making for a wonderland of sand-castle building. Bring those little tykes to the Jersey Shore this summer.  The only beach warning we’d issue is to book your vacation early!