What’s on your bucket list?

What’s on your bucket list?

bucket listNo matter your age or health, everyone has a short list of something they’ve always wanted to do at some point in their lives.

And, it’s interesting how often an adventure involving a small aircraft pops up on the bucket list. 

There’s a reason for that: Flying is the ultimate adventure. We’re not talking about the irritations of enduring a lengthy commercial flight crammed into a flying cigar with a couple of hundred passengers. That’s not the kind of aerial adventure most of us envision, although any grandparent worth their salt will endure a lengthy journey to see a grandchild!

We’re talking about a scenic flight in a small, maneuverable craft that puts a childish delight back into your heart! We’re thinking of a fun-filled adventure that prompts a weary soul to exclaim, “Whee!” as he zooms above the gorgeous Jersey coastline with his sweetheart by his side.

And, what could be better than sharing an aerial flight with the one so close to your heart? Valentine’s Day is over, but love is still very much in the air! Take your one and only up in a Piper Cub, hold her close and laugh like a kid again!

Once those wheels touch down, it’s time to hit the town and enjoy all the fun things the Jersey Shore has to offer. The mixture of sand, sun and fun will make you glad you marked one more thing off that bucket list!