What’s the pulse of the Jersey Shore? You decide

What’s the pulse of the Jersey Shore? You decide

18824565_SWhat is the heart of Jersey Shore? It’s not an easy question to answer, considering how many places there are to visit and the number of attractions it has. Is the pulse of Jersey Shore the Atlantic City boardwalk?

Considered the spine of the city, the boardwalk features hotels, shops and casinos. Within the boardwalk is Garden Pier, which includes a historical museum and art center. Or perhaps the tranquility of scenic beaches in places like Barnegat and Ocean City are what make Jersey Shore tick. What about the beaches and boardwalk at Point Pleasant, which is flush with shops, restaurants and arcades?

And let’s not forget Asbury Park and its musical legacy, highlighted by Stony Pony — the bar made famous by rocker Bruce Springsteen. The sand on Jersey beaches are soft and clean, even after the devastation caused by Hurricane Sandy. And its waters are among the cleanest in the country. Maybe it’s a fruitless effort to identify one spot along Jersey Shore as its beacon.

Perhaps the only way to do so is visit Jersey Shore. Just make sure to pack your bathing suit, or even a change of clothes, because you may just want to stay a spell.