Why not “spend” your time at the beach?

32218567_SThere’s something special about buying souvenirs from places you visit. And of course, there are dozens of purchases we make over the course of our lives: the newest technological devices, the hottest fashion fad, that impulse buy at the mall. We might get a brief rush from buying them, but it typically fades.

Science is looking at why humans spend, what they spend money on, and what leaves a lasting impression after the cash leaves the wallet. They’re finding that it’s our experiences that bring us happiness. Investing in these moments can leave a much longer legacy than any knick-knack can provide.

Interacting with others in a new environment gives us a special rush. That memory of bonding with your family while flying a kite on the beach for the first time allows you to return to that feeling over and over.

While sky-diving might not be your thing, there are other ways to practice this experience-over-consumption lifestyle. Try something you’ve never done before and share this moment with someone else.

We like to think the Jersey Shore is the perfect place to practice your investment in experiences. Sandcastles and surfing. Parades and performances. Even seeing an aerial banner fly through the sky while you take a moment to lie back on the beach; these things will stick with you long after you’ve tossed your flip flops and your tan lines have faded.