Write large across the sky

Write large across the sky

If you’re like most merchants you want to get your message in front of the most eyes possible, but it’s not just about having another sign out there. In fact, when signs multiply, the message quickly gets lost amid the forest of “calls to action.”

In fact, in some commercial districts so many signs are clustered together in such a small area, a message from an individual Main Street merchant disappears amid the clutter.


According to the U.K.’s Department of Transport, less signage is more effective. After all, who can decipher a message when it’s buried in a mess of messages?

So what’s the answer? Television advertising is yesterday, and while Internet advertising may be all the rage, the actual payoff fails to meet expectations in many cases. Consumers tune out those messages. They simply become part of the web-surfing background.

Merchants need a big impact to break through the advertising clutter. The solution: Look skyward!

The sky is the blank palette beckoning to advertisers who, like the early settlers, want a homestead with some acreage. Well, there is a lot of acreage in the sky! And there’s plenty of room to spread out on that “aerial homestead.”

And, here’s another reason to use aerial advertising: Akin to illuminated signage, some forms of aerial advertising use light against the backdrop of a dark sky to get the message across. If you want eyes on your signage, look upward!