Write your marketing message in the sky!

Write your marketing message in the sky!

41350911_SGetting your voice heard in a crowded world is a big challenge for small business owners, who often don’t have the deep pockets to fund pricey advertising campaigns.

Summertime affords a marvelous time for small business owners to have their message writ large across the sky.

That’s right: We’re talking aerial advertising, where lots of eyeballs will be focused on your advertising message.

Some may think that skywriting or deploying large aerial banners is too expensive for the average merchant, but that’s simply not true. Those who have never launched an aerial advertising campaign may falsely assume it requires deep pockets.

You should consider this: Our small Piper Cub aircraft are efficient marketing wizards. And, there’s so much less competition when you’re a few thousand feet up in the air. You’re literally leaving the competition behind in your contrails.

When thousands of people are wandering along the beach, many in a free-spending mood, what better opportunity can a merchant have than to deploy an aerial banner advertising attraction?

And, if you’re more interested in making the most of a romantic getaway, those cute, fun airplanes are perfectly suited to sealing the memory of a fun time at the beach. Cherish the moment and the memory, too!