The Jersey Shore in springtime

Two seagulls on posts in Atlantic Highlands along the Jersey shoreAre you longing for spring? Why not consider some adventures that can recharge your winter-weary soul?

Get a birds-eye view. Book a flight in one of our Piper Cubs. As you watch the scenery below, you’ll feel like a kid again. Sure, you’ve been on commercial flights. But soaring aloft in a highly maneuverable Piper Cub is an experience you’ll never forget.

Go out ...

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The charm of the Jersey Shore winter

57070663 - south jersey shore in winter beach scene

Are you longing to be at the Jersey Shore but wondering what it’s like during the winter days and nights? Here 10 memorable experiences that await you during your winter vacation:

• Meditative calm that soothes the soul.

• The enchantment of foamy surf thrown against a chilly shore.

• The taste of salt on your lips.

• The rhythmic “music” of the sea.

• Seashell treasures, each one ...

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Aerial advertising offers an incredible ROI

10270694 - flying biplaneEvery now and then, business owners should take a fresh look at their marketing plan … or should we say a fresh look upward?

The ROI for aerial advertising is compelling. With other forms of marketing, it’s hard to attract attention in an increasingly crowded marketplace.

Now’s the time to think outside the box. An aerial advertising campaign broadcasts a message that stands out against a clear blue sky.

We live in ...

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Winter is a lovely time for watching Jersey Shore birds

Bird-watching is a perennial favorite among Jersey Shore visitors, but winter may be the best time of all to appreciate the beauty of the Shore’s avian denizens.

21995182 - black-bellied plover  pluvialis squatarola  by the atlantic oceanHundreds of bird species thrive over a wide range of habitats in New Hersey. Viewing these beautiful examples of nature is one of life’s special pleasures.

Have you seen the Red-Bellied Woodpecker? ...

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I’m dreaming of a Jersey Shore vacation!

38259947_SLife is short. Let that sink in for a minute. It’s really short. Most of us realize it when those first fine wrinkles appear around our eyes.

That’s why it’s important to capture some of life’s sweetest memories now. Take time from a busy schedule to savor those special moments when days pass by in lazy fashion and lifelong, cherished memories are formed.

Take a break from your busy life and book a special ...

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Beach combing at the Jersey Shore

49263522 - seashells background - macro shot of beautiful seashellsLove to walk along the beach, looking for treasures? If so, the Jersey Shore’s tides bring in a treasure trove of beautiful seashells year-round.

There’s something incredible about walking along the coastline and stumbling across a gorgeous work of nature that boggles the mind in its detailed architecture.

Need some stress relief? Hunting for seashells on the Jersey Shore is a relaxing way to unwind!

You ...

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Revive your spirit: Visit the Jersey Shore in the off season

60321631 - young fitness girl a the beach in winterDreaming of sunshine and warm beaches? Longing for a lift in spirit as Old Man Winter bears down on you? Maybe it’s time to rise above it all.

Scenic flights over the shore have a special charm for visitors in the late fall and winter months. The landscape is pristine, and the curtain has been pulled back to reveal the startling beauty of the ...

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Ideas for celebrating milestone birthdays on the Jersey Shore

12969091 - background for birthday or other message

Who do you want to celebrate? It’s important to honor those special occasions — such as milestone birthdays —with more than a slice of cake and a cup of punch.

Take the sweet-sixteen birthday, for example. It should be celebrated in memorable fashion, because it marks one of life’s sweetest transitions from childhood into adulthood.

At the other end of life’s journey, wouldn’t grandpa get a kick ...

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Early photographers could not resist the view from the sky

611924 - a view of long beach island along the new jersey shore.Many decades have passed since aerial photography first debuted in early 1827.

Joseph Nicephoce Niepce was a pioneering aerial photographer, who recorded for posterity some of the very first aerial photos the world had ever seen.

In subsequent years, other aerial pioneers took the first aerial photos while floating as passengers seated inside baskets that were carried aloft with large ...

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What’s more beautiful than the Jersey Shore? A wedding at the Jersey Shore

19168298_SAre you dreaming of that picture-perfect wedding at the Jersey Shore? Here are three tips for ensuring your wedding goes off without a hitch:

1) It is your wedding. That’s why it’s essential to your future marital bliss that you be the one in charge of this one-of-a-kind life event. Of course, hubby will have a say, but women everywhere know the bride should serve as CEO of her own wedding arrangements.

2) Keep ...

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